Bitcoin expects retail traders to rise despite record high

Bitcoin has hit all-time highs several days in a row.

Many believe that much of this increase was caused by institutions.

The price may continue to rise in the coming weeks if the interest of individuals increases

According to data from Skew, retail traders‘ interest in BTC has only increased slightly despite the crazy rise in Bitcoin during the holidays. What does this mean for the days to come, and will retailer interest return?

According to recent misconceptions, the price of Bitcoin System has increased thanks to increased interest from institutions. Ever since Grayscale and Paypal started grabbing cryptocurrency faster than it can be mined, it looks like the price has kept climbing.

When BTC hit $ 25,000 on December 25 , the bulls didn’t stop. Interestingly, the $ 28,000 price Bitcoin hit on December 27th presented itself on one of the quietest working days of the year.

Due to the Christmas holidays, many major banks, businesses and other financial institutions are closed. If it was therefore the latter who paid the money, who are these whales that make prices climb even higher?

Retail traders?

Thus, although the interest of institutions is high, it probably determines the course and is dominant, the increase in vacancies cannot be explained by this factor alone. Indeed, between Christmas and New Years, retail traders must buy Bitcoin.

So $ 25,000 * on the 25th, three new ATHs: 24.7, 24.8 and $ 25,000 in one day. Do you think the institutions have done this? The day of Christmas ? Individuals did – only people near a keyboard.

(* $ 25,000 if you choose @bitstamp or @krakenfx although this is not really the case on @bitfinex)

However, according to the Skew study, retailer interest did not reach the all-time highs of 2017, when the infamous “bull run” raised BTC to nearly $ 20,000 for the first time.

To prove it, Skew came up with a graphic from Google Trends on the word “bitcoin”. In essence, this shows the measure of the number of times “bitcoin” has been searched for and linked to Google.

BTC still has room to go up

Even though Bitcoin is at its all-time high and the cryptocurrency’s market capitalization is also at an unprecedented amount, there is still room for growth.

Uniris: between major advances and continuous innovation

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The frantic pace at which Uniris is committed is unstoppable. Author of an innovative solution, guaranteeing a new kind of security system based on the venous system. The French company reports on its regular progress in a newsletter that has become extremely popular.

This promotional article is brought to you in collaboration Bitcoin Millionaire with Uniris.

A recognised technological solution
After winning the CSF label, Uniris has given itself a major communication coup. The company was included in the short list of companies likely to provide security for the Paris Olympic Games in 2024. The ARCHE validation consensus, specific to Uniris‘ technology, continues to assert itself. The promise of exchanging passwords for a simple touch of a finger and access to its usual application panel has never been so close.

In its latest newsletter, published on 20 December, the company highlights its „original condition“ attribute, promising single sign-on and secure authentication for users.

„It is possible in the PoW to select a device category to retrieve the associated cryptographic key. Thus, the addition of an additional „biometric“ condition ensures optimal transaction security“.

Newsletter of the week N°51 from Uniris
For example, it will now be possible for any voter to guarantee his or her identity via a reliable and secure biometric system. There is no doubt that administrations will have to adopt this type of technology in the near future. Indeed, in addition to increased productivity and substantial savings, data security has become a major strategic issue.

A flood of new developments
The „original condition“ is not the only new feature announced. The company has in fact been working on a major improvement, which completes the smart contracts that can be deployed on Uniris. Indeed, a „smart contracts interpreter“ will come to improve the capacity of smart contracts in depth, thanks to the introduction of the following attributes :

Code detection
Transaction generation based on smart contract triggers: choice of possible frequency (day, time, etc.).
Utility function calls: regular expression, hash and others.
A complete guide to smart contracts will soon be available for all those who would like to take advantage of these new features and build using Uniris technology.

Finally, a final innovation highlighted and called „address mechanism“, will make transactions on the Uniris chain more fluid. It will no longer be necessary to specify the last transaction before starting a new one.

Uniris‘ constant innovation places the company among the most active in the French ecosystem. In order to follow the evolution of a potential future flagship of identification systems, the team strives to keep its community informed of major new developments, and does so every week in a dedicated Newsletter format.

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Paris: Court sentenced Alexander Vinnik to five years in prison

Years after his arrest, Vinnik has now been sentenced.

After years of debate about the extradition, Bitcoin ( BTC ) launderer Alexander Vinnik has now been convicted by a French court

According to a report in the Novaya Gazeta on Monday Vinnik was and because of „money laundering as part of an organized criminal group and providing false information about the source of income“ to five years in prison in addition to a fine of 100,000 euros sentenced .

According to the BBC, the court has partially dropped charges on Locky ransomware . At the time of going to press it was unclear whether Vinnik’s conviction was related to his alleged leadership at the former crypto exchange BTC-e.

Vinnik previously denied his stake in BTC-e, claiming he was just an employee. He said his monthly salary at BTC-e was $ 10,000

As previously reported , Vinnik is the alleged mastermind of an international money laundering system in which over $ 4 billion was processed via Bitcoin Lifestyle.

Vinnik, known as „Mr. Bitcoin“, was first arrested in Greece in July 2017 for allegedly involved in the operation of BTC-e. Since the arrest, several countries have requested extradition of Vinnik. Including the United States and Russia, of which he is a citizen . Vinnik was extradited to France in 2018 for fraud and money laundering .

In June, New Zealand police collected $ 90 million in connection with the Vinnik case .